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A Beautiful, Moldy Season

We hope you had a great holiday season full of family, fun, and rejuvenation. We really enjoyed our Christmas break, and found it refreshing. Now we turn our attention to mold season. Well, it actually starts in October with all the rain but we hardly notice because Christmas is on the way. Now it’s just plain yuck.

When we noticed dark spots in the corner of a room, we moved the furniture away from the wall and discovered a mold metropolis. (I (Jenn) included our key holder for scale.) Now my bleach rounds include not only the windowsills and a few other corners of the house but also an entire wall. The furniture flow of the room is totally messed up, but the bleach smell does bring back some warm fuzzies from my swim team days. There are of course other things that require special attention in January. Like ninja skills for instance. Only a well-trained ninja can drag our two night-owls out of bed while it is still dark without getting whacked with a flailing arm or leg. I'm only half joking there. These short days are rough for everyone. I’m still not used to the grey, chilly, damp humidity that is Hungarian winter even though it isn’t as cold or long as what I’m used to in Wyoming. I’m learning to wear another three or four layers, look for the joy in the dark days, and keep pressing on because faithfulness, especially on the “don’t wanna” days, is an act of worship. God is worthy and the work that He has called each of us to do, whatever it is,is worthwhile. Let’s offer ourselves and allow Christ to use us to bring warmth and beauty to deep winter days whether they are promising, tedious, moldy or sleepy. Ka-pow.

Did you get our Letter?

If you didn’t you missed two things. First is the code to a video we made about the middle school outreach project this fall. It isn’t safe to publicly post photos of some of the families online, so you need the code to watch it on our website. (Link here.)You can e-mail us at to get the code. The second, is that we will be returning to the States for about a year starting at the end of June 2016. Look for the “Home Assignment” section in each Snapshot and Story to stay current with our plans and needs.

Pray with Us

Thank you for praying for our health and rest over Christmas break! We are all feeling well - even Dave, who is feeling better than he has in a long, long time. The middle school will be implementing an updated discipline policy starting this semester. Please pray with us that we, and the rest of the staff, will be filled with God's wisdom as we strive to guide our students in the development of Christ-honoring character.

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