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The Green Cross: It Isn't What You Think

No, this is not a marijuana dispensary. Unlike Denver, Hungary displays the green cross on nearly every corner throughout the city to mark regular pharmacies. We actually don’t visit the pharmacy often because overall we have found Hungarian doctors to be more conservative with prescription drugs.

Yesterday was a perfect example. Right now Dave is working his way through another bout of “The Autumn Central European Disorder” (also known as bronchitis) and when he visited the doctor he expected to get a prescription for antibiotics. Instead, his very competent doctor told Dave he was progressing well and to come back in three days if he isn’t markedly better. This seems to be the routine course for any common ear, nose or throat complaint –home treatment and a follow up appointment in three days. Then maybe antibiotic drops/spray and finally an oral antibiotic a few days after that if needed.

For the most part, we like this approach. We only take antibiotics when we really need them and we’re learning about alternative treatment for every day sicknesses. Treating ear infections with a heat lamp is my favorite so far.

We’ve also learned that this barrage of sinus and respiratory issues every fall is not just in our heads. Fall colds really are worse in Hungary. The doctor explained that the geography of Hungary, the pollution of Budapest and the autumn climate create the perfect storm of snot buffeted by endless wheezing (my words, not his) and if a person can get through the season with only three or four rounds they have done well. It is no wonder that partway through our first fall in Hungary we thought we might never be healthy again. Turns out that after only two bouts this fall, we’re healthier than most. I attribute that success to the orrszívó-porszívó. After you watch this short demo video we made a couple years back and you will want one too.

Pray With Us

Please pray with us that Dave will be restored to health. Weeks of sickness have not helped him get caught up at school nor with his stress level. We are trusting God to enable us to get done the things that he wants done and to let go of the rest.

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