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Snapshot-less Snapshot and Story

October is a historically intense month for us here at ICSB. It is packed full of school events and there are usually robust sinus infections all around due to the change in weather. We are excited that my parents are here visiting for a couple of weeks and thankful for their extra sets of hands. I saw down to write an update yesterday, but I got up and went for a quick run instead of finishing it. Those words will keep. These moments with my parents, the chance to soak up some vitamin D while I run out the crazies, the smoothie smiles my kids wear during family night - they won't keep. You all are a constant reminder to us to keep on seizing eternity in all we do - even when that means some important things have to wait. We are truly grateful for your sincere encouragement, inspiration and gracious acceptance of our family and this snapshot-less Snapshot and Story.

Pray With Us

  • Dave and I will be leading a team of 8th graders to Menedékváros (a home for displaced families) once again during Super Weekend which takes place October 16-17. Please pray that we would be useful to the staff at Menedékváros and the lives of the 8th graders would be impacted for eternity.

  • Dave is still working very, very hard to catch up on months of lost work after last minute curriculum changes which were out of his control. Internet issues and a sinus infection has further belabored the process. Please pray for opportunity, efficiency and resources to plan the year according to God's desires.

  • Dave continues to grieve the loss of an influential family member. It's hard to be away from family during these times. Please pray for resolution of in internet problems so that he can connect with his family.

  • My (Jenn's) parents bravely traveled across the Atlantic on their own. Please pray for a meaningful and safe visit with grandkids and for quick healing of my mom's eardrum which ruptured during one of their flights.

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