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We Want To Hear From You!

Happy Hungary Anniversary to us and to you! We’ve been on the ground in Hungary for two years. The school year is a busy time, so the summers have become our chance to check in with partners, spruce up the website and do some general housekeeping on the behind-the-scenes aspect of missionary life. In that vein, we are once again asking for your feedback about Not Home Yet, our Go, Kelleys. Go! update outlet. Our survey is now closed, but please take a minute to let us know what you would like to hear about so that we can keep our updates relevant and engaging!

We’ve been plugging along on our practical driving lessons. We’ve learned that the test itself is anything but practical. In fact, our driving instructor calls it a “charade.” Passing has more to do with the disposition of the proctor than it does with performance. Our tests are Monday, July 6. Egos aside, the test is expensive and difficult to schedule so please see our Pray With Us section for specifics on how you can pray for us on Monday.

Do you remember when we asked you to pray for a special companion for Allister last June? Our faithful God has answered three-fold! Allister (in the Spiderman costume) is communicating well at pre-school and is excited about his buddy’s birthday party next week.

Pray With Us

We have been practicing hard for our final driving test, but there are so many ways to fail on counter-intuitive technicalities that passing seems out of reach. Please take a moment to pray with us that:

  • Our proctor will be positively disposed towards experienced drivers and not biased against non-Hungarians.

  • We will be quick to catch the tricks of the routes and maneuvers.

  • We will remember the things we've practiced.

  • We will pass!

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