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Nothing Says Summer Like a Pile of Junk

When we lived in Cheyenne we spent many Saturday mornings following the tacked up garage sale signs in our neighborhood from sale to sale. Personal garage sales here in Budapest are rare due to distrust and other social factors so most second-hand goods are sold via consignment shops or via facebook groups. Prices are higher and logistics can get complicated, especially for those without cars.

The Hungarian solution to the problem of worn out, broken or replaced items that won’t fit in the household trash is Lomtalanítás, or literally “Clean Up”. Basically everyone in a neighborhood takes all their unwanted items to a designated spot at a certain time and throws them in a big pile and then on a set day the city comes and picks it up. Nora calls it a "celebration of trash."

Lomtalanítás seems to have an unwritten code which has very little to do with the actual rules. Sort of like a grown up version of Finders Keepers. Several years ago Lomtalanítás was the perfect chance to snag new-to-you furniture, antique knick-knacks and more. More recently, Roma (Gypsy) groups or others will claim a drop off spot weeks ahead of time by parking a car, or sometimes a person, in the drop off spot. When the cars and wagons are unloaded, the “owner” of the junk pile will immediately pick up anything that looks valuable or usable and load it into their vehicle. It isn’t impossible to find a treasure at a Lomtalanítás pile, but you have to be ready to face confrontation if you want to challenge the “dibs” in place.

Sleeper sofa road hazards aside, I love the idea of a whole community evaluating their belongings to pass on the things they aren’t using and meet a new season a little lighter. That’s what Lomtalanítás means to me; a reminder to cast off the things and thoughts that have weighed me down and move forward a little lighter, with a little more grace and a little less “stuff.” How about you? What is your favorite way to usher in summer? Let us know on our facebook page!

Pray With Us

We are trying to practice what we preach so we plan to take our family camping in the next couple of weeks to recharge our batteries. We were battling a stomach bug all last week, but we seem to all be healthy enough to attempt a week of tent camping. Please pray with us that:

  • God will give us all wisdom and good attitudes as we navigate in foreign countries

  • God will refresh our family and continue to build our unity

  • We continue to gain back strength and be spared any illness or major injury

  • We won't get rained out!

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