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Last August Dave and I (Jenn) set to work in our classrooms with intent enthusiasm. 310 sack lunches and 98 graded homework packets later, we are tired after a year well spent. Well, tired might be an understatement. By God’s grace we have wrapped up another school year at ICSB. It feels good to walk away from our classrooms for a while knowing we have given all our TCKs our very best. Mr. and Mrs. Kelley have left the ICSB building and we are ready to dive into our third summer in Budapest. Our summer calendar has wide margins. We have each chosen a few goals we will work towards over the summer. Dave’s three graduate classes and planning to implement new curriculum top the list. We have a couple goals for the kids too, but mostly we plan to spend our slow-paced summer outside, spitting watermelon seeds and trying out some tent camping. We hope you too will invest time to do some of the things that rejuvenate your soul this summer. We are all more effective at what God has called us to do when we serve him out of rest, not dutiful weariness. Operating in the red and hoping we’ll catch up next week or next month doesn’t work well financially and it doesn’t work well in any other area either. I’m writing this to myself right now. Even after all Dave and I (Jenn) have learned about recharging our metaphorical batteries, this Martha (Luke 10: 38-42) still needs a reminder from time to time.

Pray With Us

Please pray that our family and the other staff at ICSB would be refreshed and able to rest this summer. We have been told by those that have been here much longer than we have, that after this year they are more tired than they can ever remember being in Hungary. The exhaustion was almost tangible throughout the hallways and though we aren't sure of the cause, we do know we all need rest. Thank God with us that when our washing machine died this week our landlord had a comparable replacement installed only a few days later! Something that could have been a huge inconvenience at a stressful time was resolved quickly by a wonderful landlord and a teeny little washer.

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