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Theoretical Hungarian Driving Test

We passed! After many hours in formal lessons and wading through translation issues on our own, we were able to pass our theoretical driving test yesterday! (Click here to laugh at/with us as we struggled with some of the wording.) It feels good to check that first test off our to-do list after so many months of office visits, paperwork and waiting. Thank you for praying for us as we studied and took the test. Dave was sick with the flu and I (Jenn) was his substitute last week, so we were wiped out and weren’t sure how we would do. While we felt lighter on the walk back to our parking place after crushing the theory test, we can’t cue up the dance music just yet because we know we have more work to do in the coming months before we reach our goal. The next step toward getting a Hungarian driver’s license is preparing for the practical exam with driving lessons.

This summer it will be our turn to pilot one of these pride-crushing vehicles around town. It isn’t often that we get to re-live our experiences as 16 year olds. Can anyone else think of a few teenage moments they would like to re-do? While driving lessons aren’t the moments I would choose, I hope that this experience of living cross-culturally has taught me a few things about real humility and re-learning things I thought I knew.

How about you? What are you plans for the summer? Let us know what you're up to on our facebook page!

Pray With Us

The school year is winding down at ICSB which means there are many responsibilities to fulfill before June 5. Not the least of which is being present mentally for students as they prepare for transitions of all kinds. One of our students will move with his family back to his passport country after 13 years in Hungary. Other students will stay put this summer while the landscape of the school community changes around them as a result of comings and goings. Please pray with us that:

  • God will provide the energy to finish mindfully and well

  • We will see specific ways to build up our students before we let them go for the summer

  • the students will develop a deeper relationship with Jesus as a result of the changes in their lives


  • You, then A and B may go together because even though pedestrians do have the right of way whenever you are changing directions, including along a priority road as indicated by the signage, pedestrians don't have the right of way when they are not in the zebra. (Confused? Watch our video here.)

  • You may go next to (meaning after) C, then A, then B. The motorbike has the right of way because of the yield signs. The bus goes next because he is going straight. Normally the tram would trump the bus at a level crossing, but the tram is turning left and crossing traffic so he has to wait for the bus. You are the only one remaining, so you go last.

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