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Rained Out + fun video!

Sometimes you get rained out. Sometimes you plan to take the whole family on an epic ICSB field trip with a group of visiting Polish students to a medieval castle which is the historic site of a Polish-Hungarian peace agreement, but the trails aren't safe and you get rained out. Sometimes you plan to share that would-be story as your Snapshot and Story update, but you get rained out. At least that was our plan this weekend. Instead, we swapped the woods and fortress for theater seats and took our kids to see a movie. Sometimes things don’t go the way you plan. In fact, living overseas, things don’t go as planned more often than they happen just like we expect. Learning to deal with disappointment and choose contentment is usually a weekly, if not daily exercise. Things like the earthquakes in Nepal remind us that a little rain or a change of plans isn't a big deal. Our time as sojourners here on planet Earth is fleeting, so let's make the most of the daily opportunities to live for eternity.

Pray With Us

We are in the process of getting our Hungarian drivers' licenses. It is a complex and expensive process. We have completed medical exams, visited multiple government offices and wrapped up our theory lessons. We take our driving theory test on May 19th. If we pass this exam we can begin to take driving lessons for the practical driving exam. Please pray that we will be able to pass the theory exam (It has a 65% pass rate) on our first try and move on to the next step. Click below to see a short video that illustrates why this test is such a challenge to pass!

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