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Two Facets of A Missionary Teacher

Teaching effectively in any situation is a complex, multi-faceted task. For the missionary teacher, new dimensions are added to an already complex job. March serves as a prime example of at least two different sides to school missionary work. On the one side is the goofy Mr. Kelley. The student council members, the co-sponsor and I planned and hosted a carnival to raise money for a shelter for impoverished families in Hungary. (The same shelter we worked at in October.) As it turns out, students were thrilled to have the opportunity to throw soaking wet sponges at the principal’s and my face; and were willing to pay money to do it! On the surface the carnival was little more than a silly night of fun (other than it was for a good cause). For middle school students, all the teachers who participated were speaking love into their lives. Those who are willing to play and have fun with these third-culture kids gain their trust and love. Seemingly pure silliness lays an important foundation for the discipleship of these young teens. On the flip side is the serious Mr. Kelley. The last full week of March was Spiritual Impact Week (SIW) at the school. At the end of each daily chapel session, students were given the opportunity to go to a prayer room to respond to the day’s challenge. As a result of SIW, another teacher and I had the opportunity to talk and pray with a student (we’ll call him “John”) who is resistant to the gospel. John believes the gospel is unbelievable. Resistant as John is, he was willing to pray that God would show him the truth. He was also willing for my colleague and me to pray with him right there. He was genuinely thankful for the time his teachers gave him to discuss such important topics. Sometimes being a missionary teacher means being crazy. Other times being a missionary teacher means helping students wrestle with eternal issues. What appear to be two distinct roles turn out to be all in a day’s work. Both have their place and serve to advance the Kingdom of God.

Pray With Us

  • Please pray for “John.” Pray his heart will be open to the gospel. Pray God will reveal himself to John in a way that will make sense to him.

  • Please pray for all the students that spent time in the prayer room because of conviction. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue to convict the students of sin until they repent. Ask the Holy Spirit for transformation and peace for those students who did repent.

  • Please pray for all the students that spent time in the prayer room because of a calling. Ask the Holy Spirit to open eyes to see the ways students can serve God faithfully right where they are.

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