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Shopping Made Easy-er

Paying bills. That was pretty perplexing at first. Repairing internet service. That was kind of like what I (Jenn) imagine it’s like to play slots. Dave’s scooter insurance. Nine months of smack-your-head-against-a-wall consternation. Switching from an American to a Hungarian drivers’ license. We’re six months into that process and I don’t want to talk about it. Sure, some things about living in Hungary are confusing and frustrating. (After all, there is no Hungarian word for “efficient”.) But don’t get me wrong, there are certain things that we think are easier here in Hungary.

Did I just say that? In print? In an update for everyone to read? Yes I did.

It might be easier to convince everyone what we do is important if it was difficult all the time, but that’s not the truth and around here we are all about Truth and sharing this journey Home with you, our partners. So here’s the skinny; Tesco is like European Wal-Mart. While we avoided Wal-Mart in the States, I have been a faithful Tesco grocery shopper for one simple reason. A Tesco nearby has a play area that the older two kids can play at for free while I shop. That, my friends, is a game changer.

Last year Tesco started doing Click and Collect, possibly ensuring my loyalty for all time. Are the kids in the middle of a car-seat-boundary civil war complete with hair pulling and screaming? No problem. I can pull up, shut the doors, load and pay for groceries with only a muffled din to suggest my children are not perfectly behaved. The kids can’t even grab candy bars off the display to eat while I am paying. All this and it’s FREE. The Click and Collect service, not the groceries. After all, that would be too good to be true.

Pray With Us

Please pray for the health of our school! We have had cases of viral bronchitis, pneumonia, Hand Foot and Mouth disease, the flu and stomach bugs all in the last month! Our teachers are either sick, recuperating, nursing sick kids or worn out from substituting. We need a breath of fresh air to get us through to spring break!

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