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Outside the Classroom + a fun video!

Click play to find out what we haved learned about dressing kids for Hungarian winters!

“Teaching is an easy job because you only have to work 8:00 – 3:00 for nine months out of the year”, said no teacher… ever. In reality, our work extends well past the bell. It’s time I told you about a couple roles Dave and I fill at ICSB besides those of History and Health teacher.

As a natural outflow of the content I (Jenn) cover in 8th grade Health, I am part of a Child Protection Committee. We’ve been tasked with proposing a school-wide plan to beef up ICSB’s child abuse prevention strategy. It is a sobering task, but so vital since the cross-cultural aspect of a TCKs’ life puts them at increased risk for abuse.

Dave is working as part of a social-studies curriculum team to map out what, how and when it will be taught as part of this year’s K-12 social-studies review. He is actually enjoying the research. Just as we suspected, teaching is his calling, curriculum development is his passion. We’ll get a chance to see if it is also my passion since Health is up for curriculum review next year.

On another note, we had some legit snow here this week. In honor of our 2-3 inches, we’ve put together a fun video to show you what we’ve learned about Hungarian-approved winter wear for children. You watch the 1:30 video by clicking here.

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