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Thanksgiving Party Outreach

It’s easy to forget that Thanksgiving isn’t a universal holiday. For our Hungarian friends November 27, 2014 was a normal work day. Many of our students have never tasted turkey much less cranberry sauce. We celebrated simply with one other family though this was the first year I tackled the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Even though I didn’t cook a whole Turkey because our oven is too small to hold one, and my pie had to go in the lid of a casserole dish since Hungarians don’t make pies therefore pie pans are hard to come by, I could hardly be blamed for pumping my fists in victory once the table was filled with the familiar foods. Even though I love to eat good food, the highlight of the weekend by far was helping out with the Thanksgiving party put on by our Hungarian church for Hungarian youth in the nearby town of Szászhalombatta. Some students came for extra English practice, some came to see friends they had met during the church's summer camp and I don’t think the sugar cookies hurt either!

#Thanksgiving #HungarianChurch

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