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Come Let Us Worship Together

Some days living in Hungary are rough and most are tiring, but some days are flat out awesome. Last Sunday was one of those awesome days. The Hungarian church we attend joined four other Hungarian churches to worship our savior in the I.C.S.B. gym (Don’t mind the Dr. Seuss backdrop, the musical is this weekend!). Living in a country where evangelical believers are counted as just 2.8% of the population (source) made this type of gathering extra special.

What an honor to sing “Our God is greater” ( from Chris Tomlin’s “Our God”) with Hungarian believers who have weathered the terror of communism. What a privilege to sing “Before the Throne of God Above” with friends who have endured recent tragedy with inspiring faith. What a blessing to worship with still others who in the past months have faced a petrifying diagnosis with Christ-glorifying courage.

We are so grateful to serve a God who knows no human boundaries – geographical, linguistic or otherwise.

We recorded a portion of two songs from the service last week in order to share the experience with you. We haven’t translated the Hungarian versions, only added in the lyrics from the English versions of the songs so that you can follow along. So go ahead – Click on the links and take a time out to spend a few minutes in worship with your Hungarian brothers and sisters in Christ!

Click HERE for "Our God is Greater" (3:19 min)

Click HERE for "Beyond the Throne of God Above" (2:15 min)

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