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Worst Super Weekend Ever!

Click the photo above to watch the short video!
“Worst Super Weekend ever!” Considering our students spent the night on the floor cold, damp, hungry and dirty I can see where they were coming from.
K. in a box
Super Weekend is traditionally the highlight of the 8th grade at ICSB. Previously, it has included two days of manual labor and a kids’ program at Menedékváros*, which is a home for displaced families in the Hungarian countryside. This year, due to situations outside of our control, we needed a new plan and Super Weekend 2.0 was born.
Following a condensed trip to Menedékváros in a rainy Kiskunmajsa, our 8th graders were immersed in a carefully crafted poverty simulation. This simulation included a 17-hour fast, sleeping in cardboard shelters in filthy clothes, and spending time in reflection and worship sans electronics. Interspersed were group games which taught important themes about living in poverty.
girls carrying wood
We structured the weekend this way because we believed that it could be used to spark a mindset-altering shift towards a Christ-like, service-oriented perspective.
The weekend was not without smiles, laughter and fun, but fun was not the end goal – life change was. After all, God has given us a portion of the weighty task of equipping these students to be effective kingdom expanders.
So despite some eye rolling and animated complaining from time to time, we can’t help but love these TCKs. We pray for them, we worry about them, we laugh at them and we’ll keep showing up whether they like it or not because they are worth it.

A little more...

You can check more photos of Super Weekend 2014 on our facebook page by clicking here. Not on the bandwagon? You can view these photos even if you don't have a facebook account!

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You can learn more about Menedékváros by visiting their website (click here). The button for English is towards the bottom of the page on the right hand side. Look for the British flag. They have an excellent video with English subtitles.


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