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Fresh Perspective

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I honestly didn’t notice the snot streaked across the wall until our landlord dropped by this week. Seeing things from another’s viewpoint can be enlightening and sometimes mortifying. When my (Jenn’s) family visited us in June, one of the many fantastic things about their stay was experiencing our life here with fresh perspective. I’ll let them share the things that stood out to them besides obvious differences in home security, transportation and the overwhelming selection of sausage.


Joyce I was delighted to visit ICSB to observe both Jennifer and Dave teaching and talk with the friendly staff. After 40 years of teaching in various school systems, I was impressed the simplicity of the environment and the focus on kids. Even on the last days of school the students were engaged in learning. Teaching at ICSB allows Jennifer & Dave to influence the next generation of believers. I can only imagine the ripple effects of their ministry. Jenifer and Dave are working hard (physically as well as emotionally) to settle into their roles as teachers at ICSB. They are living I Cor. 9:22 “I have become all things to all people that by all means I might save some.” Amazing testimony, amazing family. To God be the glory.


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When I helped with the chores around the house, I noticed that the equipment was much smaller than I was used to. This meant it took longer to do laundry. I enjoyed hanging the laundry outside on drying racks. It reminds me of the days Jennifer used to help me hang our clothes to dry. A small kitchen also makes for many challenges. A small refrigerator and stove means going to the store more often. I loved the trips to the store– so many pastries.

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I was struck by the cultural differences of the Hungarian people. The Kelleys have to adjust the way they communicate, shop, commute, and interact with strangers and friends. It took me two weeks to figure out what shoes are appropriate for indoor play, and I’m still not sure I have it right! The A-team has adjusted remarkably to these Hungarian idiosyncrasies. I found myself looking to them for direction in many situations. The Kelleys are representing Americans and Christians well in Hungary. I was encouraged by their willingness to consistently step out of their comfort zone. God is already using their family in mighty ways and I am confident that they are where God wants them to be. Have you ever had a moment when you noticed something you had missed previously because you saw it with a fresh perspective? Hop over to our facebook page and tell us about your mortifying, er...enlightening moment!

Pray With Us

Thank you for praying for my family's visit! We were able to relax, explore, reconnect and forge memories with them. They were a big blessing to us while they were here and continue to encourage us from 5,000 miles away. We don't take their support for granted.

  • Please pray with us that God will continue to develop meaningful bonds between the kids and their relatives and that God will bless each of our family relationships with love, grace and joy.

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