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One Year at ICSB Complete!

Despite having a teacher in our family I always thought that as soon as the last bell sounded teachers hung up their recess whistles and raced out of the building for a summer of non-stop fun. Now I know that they probably just went home and took a nap. I (Jenn) have a few more gray hairs and Dave may have fewer hairs, but we are awed by the faithfulness God has shown to our family and how he has worked around us and through us to impact middle school students’ lives during our first school year at ICSB. We have more stories to tell than we could possibly fit in a biweekly e-mail blog of what God has done: from the student-led effort to teach other grades about the persecuted church in response to a history lesson to the story of one student that used the information she learned in health class to get help for a friend engaged in self-destructive behavior.

As we prepared to sum up the school year for you we had a special request from some of our students’ parents. We hope their note will be an encouragement to you, as it was to us. Dear Supporters of David and Jenn,

I asked David and Jenn to forward this message to you. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for supporting David and Jenn. As a family we have benefited and been blessed by their teaching here at ICSB. David has taught my twin eighth grade girls History. His teaching really stirred them to think and apply the lessons of history to the issues of today. His commitment and care for the students in his class are so evident. What a gift to us as parents. He also taught my younger son who was transitioning into Middle School as a sixth grader. I am so thankful for his graciousness as computer typing skills isn't one of my son's strengths. Jenn pioneered a new class for the Middle School in teaching Health. I appreciated her holistic approach. I know my girls have been so much more aware of making positive choices with nutrition and exercise, as a direct result of her class.

My husband and I have been missionaries for 25 years, serving in India and now in Hungary. My parents were missionaries in Africa when I was younger. They faced hard decisions such as sending us kids to boarding school at a young age. I am so grateful that we don't have to face such a decision for our kids. I am so thankful for this school and its teachers. I am so thankful to you for supporting the Kelleys. Thank You, Ron and Bonny Thiesen (From one of the many missionary families that are served through your support.) When you were a kid what did you think teachers did over the summer? Tell us on our facebook page!

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