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S.E.W. and a Survey at the Bottom! (expired link)

Spring break has come and gone and we have been slowly reeling in the focus of students that were flung far and wide across the globe during those precious nine days of freedom. Fortunately Spiritual Emphasis Week (S.E.W.) was just what we all needed to catapult us into the 4th quarter of the school year.

Our guest speaker this year, Ken Rudolph, skillfully engaged the hearts and minds of the middle and high school students living in a post-modern world with colorful storytelling and pertinent subject matter. One of the main tenets of post-modernism is that there is no absolute truth. Even Christian students struggle to reconcile the truth of the Bible with pervasive post-modernism in culture. His talks challenged students to stop trying to prove God scientifically, but to seek after him and find him as the Bible says we can.

Students wrestled with these ideas on a website discussion board Dave created for that purpose. As a result of S.E.W., over 20 students made public commitments to take action to advance God’s kingdom or accept Christ's gift of salvation! I bet that like us, you are happy about that news! Will you please let us know what other kinds of communication you would like most to get from us? We created this short ten-question survey to find out how we can better communicate with you. (Click here for survey.) We take our partnership with you seriously and want you to be well informed.

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