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“There just isn’t enough ___________”. I think the Enemy likes to keep us focused on scarcity in our lives, whether real or imagined. If we are preoccupied thinking about how little we have, we will miss opportunities to be radically generous with what we do have. Maybe you have been feeling short on money, opportunities, energy or encouragement this Christmas season. Our family has been feeling pinched for time, lately. Maybe feeling impossibly squeezed would be a better description of how we were feeling a few weeks ago. Simplicity and leading out of rest are some of our major family values, but even operating from what we thought were bare-bones expectations was stressing us out. There were just not enough hours in the day to do what we felt we needed to be doing and still set some aside to recharge emotionally. We just couldn't find enough time to get awesome lessons planned for each day; not enough time to meet all our kids’ physical needs (how many days has Annora been sporting that blue marker on her face?) let alone their emotional needs; not enough time to exercise properly or cook grain-free meals etc., etc.

As Dave and I were praying together last week Dave said something profound. It was game-changing for us, and stilled our striving immediately.God gives us everything we need to do everything he has called us to do. If we feel like there isn’t enough of something, we’re probably doing more than he is asking us to do. [ 2 Peter 1:3]. This doesn't mean God won't call us to do something that's beyond our ability. When we rely on God and call on his Name, he'll give us what is needed, though it is beyond our mere ability. This is not done by our own power, but by God's. Next time the Enemy tries to stress you with scarcity, reject his attempt at distraction. Know what God has called you to do and then obey God with the resources God has provided for you.

I (Jenn) was able to model this for the 8th grade students by taking a day out of our packed unit schedule to have a surprise "recharge day" on the day before their yearly musical performance. I would have liked to cover more material, but one of our main objectives here is to encourage and equip the students and these TCKs were in need of some encouragement. The "recharge day" was a big hit and I could watch their stress slip away for 45 minutes. The entire middle school cast went on do an amazing job that weekend putting on Beauty and the Beast, Jr. Next unit we will be working on developing personal purpose statements. I am really excited to share with you what they come up with!

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