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His and Her Classrooms

A new school year begins at ICSB

Dave began his career at ICSB this week with 6th grade keyboarding, 7th grade Ancient World History and 8th grade Medieval World History. He has 66 students from 11 countries including Hungary (30%), the U.S.A. (40%), Korea, China, Albania, Canada, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Finland. Many of these students (20 %) are ELL, or English Language Learners. Whew! While the lesson planning for such a diverse class has been daunting, Dave is off to a great start. He has already heard from some of the parents that their students are excited about history for the first time. He also has his homeroom class, one section of the eighth grade, for devotions every morning. We are very excited to begin the school year, begin building relationships with these students and take our first steps in the role God called us to several years ago.

Introducing Mrs. Kelley

Do you remember when Jenn wrote an update about how God has specifically called her to foreign missions? (If you don't you can find the link to the post at the end of the e-mail.) Several months ago she shared some of the things God had been doing in her heart regarding future ministry opportunities. She ventured to suggest that teaching a health class may be in her future. We had no idea when she wrote that post, or when we arrived in Hungary, or even when Dave started back at school that this opportunity would be coming our way this term! There was a need for an 8th grade health teacher and with Jenn's experience and education as an RD she was a perfect fit. She couldn't be more excited about the content of the course, working with the students or working with such a handsome colleague. (She means Dave. He is the 8th grade social studies teacher in case you forgot...)

The course meets just twice a week for 45 minutes each class. The older kids will be able to spend the day at the Ovoda (sort of like a Hungarian preschool) on those days and Anna will nap at a friend's house. This allows Jenn to engage our students in a structured way without loss to our family. The house may not be as clean, but we are focusing on the eternal things. We are giving thanks and glory to God for providing the resources necessary to step into this role before he placed the desire in Jenn's heart, for changing Jenn's heart about teaching before there was a need and for his timing in introducing the need. We serve a good God who leaves his fingerprints in the details of our lives if we will but watch for them.

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