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Check out what a typical day looks like for the Kelley family in Hungary as we learn to persevere in God's calling on our life.

Dave's main role at the International Christian School of Budapest (I.C.S.B.) is middle school social studies teacher. He also works on a team to integrate technology into the classroom, challenges students to think critically and promotes the cause of introverts everywhere. 

Jenn spends most of her time managing things at home and shuttling kids.  When she isn't fishing Legos out of the vacuum bag, she enjoys teaching middle school health at I.C.S.B. She is also part of a child protection committee just like a real grown up. 

Annora attends elementary at I.C.S.B. She loves drawing, singing and visiting museums. 

Meet the A-Team

Allister attends a local Hungarian preschool. He loves Legos and making people laugh with jokes about bodily functions. 

Annalise also attends the local Hungarian preschool part-time. She loves all things tiny, espcially tiny princess dolls. She is an ardent Frozen fan. 

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